Eagle Scout #86


Sean Ryan

A Message from the Scout

I wanted to be an Eagle Scout since I started in Scouting. Now as my project draws to a close, I realize the true benefit of becoming an Eagle Scout. For me, it is more than just a personal best or goal. This project has given me much more than that.

The first benefit of this project is that I now have faith in my own abilities as a leader. I was able to motivate other scouts and demonstrate my objectives to the adults who helped me on this project. Secondly, I take from this experience the satisfaction that I can follow through. I admit planning and investigating this project was much easier that actually completing it. I had to be flexible to accept the changes and be patient as sometimes I was dependent on other people. I see now that I did let a lot of time pass, thinking I would be able to do this quickly. Now I realize the benefit of good time management.

In conclusion, working on my Eagle project has been a very rewarding and educational experience


  • Archery
  • Crime Prevention
  • Indian Lore
  • Art
  • Disability Aware
  • Personal Fitness*
  • Auto Maintenance
  • Emergency Prep*
  • Personal Management*
  • Basketry
  • Engineering
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Camping*
  • Environmental Sci*
  • Safety
  • Cit In Community*
  • Family Life*
  • Space Exploration
  • Cit In Nation*
  • First Aid*
  • Sports
  • Cit In World*
  • Fishing
  • Swimming*
  • Communication*
  • Home Repairs
  • Weather