James Patrick Ryan

James Patrick Ryan #94


James Patrick Ryan

A Message from the Scout

I am proud to be an Eagle Scout and a member of Troop 125. I have enjoyed all the opportunities that scouting has offered me. However, there was a time when I did not want to be seen in public in my uniform. I did not want to hear the teasing and ridicule of other kids my age. I had a good group of friends and we secretly belonged to this amazing brotherhood of boys. As the years went on, I began not to worry about what others thought of me. I saw the uniform for what it meant and I was proud to be associated with it. Scouting helped shape my character and my concern for the world around me, nature and other people. It helped reinforce my faith and all the morals my parents were teaching me at home. I looked at the quality of the boys that made Eagle Scout and I decided, I wanted to be one of them. I believe that the Boy Scout program produces future leaders and outstanding, compassionate citizens. Even if a boy does not achieve Eagle, only good things can come out of his experience in Scouting. Thank you Troop 125 and scouting for preparing me for my next big step: college and the real world.

Eagle Project Description

Fellowship Hall Beautification

Commack United Methodist Church Commack, New York

For my project, I refurbished the Fellowship Hall of the Commack United Methodist Church. In addition to being the sponsor for the Troop, CUMC is very generous in offering their facilities to the Troop whenever needed. In addition to the immediate benefit to the Church congregation and Troop 125, the Fellowship Hall also serves the community for other charitable and outreach programs. This was a great way to say thank you to CUMC! The walls and doors were bleached and painted in the main area, restrooms and hallways. All trim was also painted. Water damaged ceiling tiles were replaced. Molding and fresh carpeting was installed on the eight supporting columns. The Boy Scout mural was touched up as well.


  • Totin' Chip
  • Wild Life Conservation
  • Ad Altari Dei
  • Order of the Arrow / Brotherhood OAR
  • 2007 Arrow of Light
  • 2007 Scout
  • 2008 Tenderfoot
  • 2008 2nd Class
  • 2009 1st Class
  • 2010 Star
  • 2011 Life
  • 2014 Jan 8th Eagle


  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • Patrol Leader
  • Assistant Patrol Leader
  • Troop Guide
  • Den Chief
  • Chaplain's Aide


  • Archery
  • Art
  • Camping*
  • Chemistry
  • Citizenship in the
  • Citizenship in Community*
  • Citizenship in Nation*
  • Citizenship in World*
  • Climbing
  • Communications*
  • Composite Materials
  • Emergency Preparedness*
  • Environmental Science*
  • Family Life*
  • First Aid*
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Horsemanship
  • Indian Lore
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Leatherwork
  • Mammal Study
  • Metalwork
  • Nature
  • Nuclear Science
  • Oceanography
  • Personal Fitness*
  • Personal Management*
  • Pottery
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Safety
  • Sculpture
  • Shotgun Shooting
  • Small Boat Sailing
  • Soil & Water Conservation
  • Swimming*
  • Weather
  • Wilderness Survival


On Land
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Washington, D.C.
Antietam National Battlefield, MD
On Water
Lehigh River
Upper Hudson River
Peconic River
Delaware River
Summer Camp
Camp Barton, NY
Bashore, NY
Sequassen, CT
Treasure Island , PA
Baiting Hollow Scout Camp, NY
Trexler Scout Reservation, PA
High Adventure
The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base, KEY WEST, FL

Project Photos

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