Troop 125 Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout #89


Ryan Glass

A Message from the Scout

The one goal I want to accomplish in my life is to affect people and make them better than they could ever imagine themselves to be. I want to touch people's hearts and show them their true potential. In my own life, I have had this experience with other people, mainly the teachers and students at my school that have shown me who I am called to be, not only by society, but also by God. The reverence aspect of boy scouts and my school has had the largest affect of all on me. Without my religious values, I would not be the person I am today. These values truly help me to live out the scout oath and law, mainly in being true to myself and to the people around me.

In my school, I am extremely involved in three clubs. The first and most important organization to me is Emmaus, often called the apostolic services program by the majority of the student body. While this is a long title, it is basically the community service organization of Chaminade. What we do includes community service projects, such as repairing gardens at public parks; visiting nursing homes, such as queen of peace; running clothing, toy and food drives; and even being in charge of a pilgrimage to a New York City church through the squires. As you can see Emmaus covers a wide range of activities. Squires, which is the Junior Knights of Columbus, has been made into the officers of the volunteer organization. There are only 8 juniors and 8 seniors in the club allowed and I was one of the original 16 kids that were chosen to lead the school in community service when the club first began. This was an honor to me and it showed me that my hard work really paid off. The service aspect of scouting is what really sparked my interest in helping others.

The second club that I am most involved in is the Glee Club. I have never, ever missed a glee club volunteer event, and since there is one every week or two weeks, this says a lot about my dedication. I help kids by being one of the student-voice lesson teachers at my school, staying after school for hours multiple times a week to help younger students, and even ones my age, to become better singers and get them more involved in the Glee Club. One of the greatest experiences I've had in high school was having the opportunity to sing at the National Basilica in Washington D.C. and also at Carnegie Hall this past spring. Just knowing how many amazing musicians performed before me on the same stage at Carnegie was thrilling and nerve-wracking all at once. The Glee Club's main similarity to scouting is the camaraderie aspect, which is my favorite part of scouting. The feeling that the people in the troop and in the Glee Club are like my brothers just makes them all the better.

The third club that I am most involved in is the Religious Ministry. This club runs the prayer services, the evenings of recollection at the school, and also various retreats throughout the year. This year in fact, I was chosen as the person in charge of all of the evenings of recollection for the entire school. Only one student is chosen to do this each year and it was truly an honor to be viewed as a person who is not only religious enough, but also good enough to do well and dedicated enough to the purpose of these nights. Nonetheless, just the overall opportunity to be able to go to Chaminade in the first place was amazing, because it was one of the only places where I could really let my talents shine, and skills that I have learned in scouting come out and be used.

This past summer while I was working at the vacation bible school, I was chosen to be the music director for all 600 kids that attended the school for a week over the summer. This not only included teaching them songs that they were to perform at the end of the week in concert form for their parents, but also teaching them what the songs should mean to us and in which ways we can praise God. This act of service included three of my favorite things: music, God, and education. It was an amazing experience being able to use my skills and talents to serve God and my community as a whole.

In conclusion, I feel that my life purpose is to serve God and my community in everything I do, say and think. The way that I hope to achieve this goal is by becoming a teacher and going back to Chaminade to do what my teachers have done for me. I hope to shape the young boys that will attend Chaminade into the men that they are meant to be. The skills and life lessons that I have learned through Boy Scouting will be ones that will stay with me forever. Scouting has shown me that no matter what, I should always be true to myself and do what is the best for everyone I encounter.