Eagle Scout #84


Christopher M. Gazerro

A Message from the Scout

I had always wanted to join scouting since I was very young, but didn’t get the chance until I entered into Weblos. I was eager to learn and explore new things. My dream then was to be able to learn how to make fire and be extremely crafty. Later into my scouting years I learned that scouting is more than just learning the abilities to be crafty but it is also learning how to manage yourself, your time, the environment, and the people around you. These are skills I use every day. In the position of Senior Patrol Leader, I learned fast how organization is necessary to run a successful troop. It’s not an easy position, it has many challenges and is hard work, but in the end it is a rewarding one and I am proud I had the opportunity to be Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 125. Now that I am completing my time in scouts and am finally on the verge of obtaining that amazing achievement of Eagle Scout for the years of time and effort I have put into myself and the troop, I look back and remember all the times and experiences I had. On one recent campout, I made the statement that I had many successful campouts and adventures but also had a great number of unsuccessful ones. The unsuccessful ones, though, are the times where I look back and laugh at the things I did, and see how far I have come. I have recently applied to several colleges and I am very optimistic for my future. My wish is to attend a great college and major in accounting. I would like to achieve an MBA in the accounting field with a vision of getting accepted into the white collar crime division of the FBI. I would also like to raise a family.

With respect to other aspects of my life, as I enjoyed scouting so much, besides my involvement in Troop 125, I became involved in BSA Venturing where I am currently a member of Venture Crew 2011. In venturing, I was able to attend Sea Base in Florida and loved the experience. I also got to go caving which as an awesome experience, and on other high adventure hiking trips and a 50 mile bike trip. As well as my achievements in scouting I have also earned and been involved in several things outside of scouting throughout the years, including baseball and soccer as well as volunteering for a handicapped equestrian program. I am currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at my school. This is a highly difficult program that has taught me how to manage my time and also how to dedicate myself to work. Another program that I am also involved in outside of scouting is Track. I am a middle distance runner in the 600m and 800m race. I have been involved in Track since my sophomore year. Track has played a major role in influencing my life because the time and devotion that Track requires is a lot to take on but as much as it is serious, it is also very fun because I get to spend time with my friends while doing something we love. During the past two summers, due to circumstances, I worked full time as a counselor at Hidden Ponds Day Camp. Although working meant that I could not attend the Troop’s summer camp experiences, which I sorely missed, I did learn many things. It was hard work, long days and I was responsible for the care of many kids, but I met many great people and was praised for my work. There are other things I could add about myself, but the number one fact about me is that I will give 110% to everything I do.

As a kid people say you want to grow up fast and once you’ve grown up, you wish you could be young again. For me, I had some great experiences as a child and enjoyed it immensely and in my old age I will take pleasure in knowing that due to scouting, I have lived this part of my life to the fullest. Through my life I have met and befriended many people who cared for me and helped me to become the man I am today. I wish that I will be able to do that for someone else someday and I look forward to scouting with the children I hope to have.

Eagle Project Description

West Hills County Park Melville, NY

My Eagle Leadership Service Project is located at the West Hills County Park in Melville, Suffolk County, New York. For my project I built three benches and put in a fire pit at campsite S3. Each of the benches were made from a combination of pressure treated lumber and cedar. The fire pit was built using a “keyhole” design, which is basically a round pit with a rectangular out cove piece. The out cove piece allows a good space for the use of a grill over coals. The fire pit was made using Belgium Blocks and was placed so that the key hole area of the fire pit points due north. The area near the key hole was left accessible and the three benches were installed to surround the rounded area of the fire pit.

My project will benefit the people who utilize the camp grounds of West Hills County Park. This is also a campsite which our Troop uses often. The completed project makes the campsite more comfortable and enjoyable to use. In addition, the fire pit makes a more contained, safer environment in which to have a fire. The keyhole area of the fire pit improved the conditions that you cook in by providing a space for hot coals. The out cove of the fire pit points due north and will assist lost hikers knowledgeable about the “keyhole” design. After inspecting the completed project, the Park Ranger was extremely pleased with the improvement and requested my design plans so that they may be used as a template for future campsite improvements.

Project Photos

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