Eagle Scout #85


Ryan Avila

A Message from the Scout

It was just seven years ago that I was crossing over to becoming a Boy Scout with troop 930 in Hicksville NY. My family ended up moving to Commack, and that is when I joined troop 125. f was not only the new kid In the neighborhood, but also In the troop. A lot has changed since then. Boy Scouts has taught me many useful things: I learned how to survive in the wilderness, make a fire, pitch a tent, cook, and clean up. I learned how to "think on my feet", and lead my patrol. Boy Scouts has not only made my life fun and exciting, it has also taught me to be an active member in my community through community service. Through Boy Scouts, I was given the opportunity to serve my community by doing things such as, assisting in the Methodist church clean up, marching in the Memorial Day parade, and placing flags on the graves of veterans. These activities made me proud to be a part of troop 125.

In addition, the time I have been with troop 125 has been very promising. I have done things that' would have never done if I were not in Boy Scouts. I have gone rock climbing on a real iron mine: slept over in a military base, rode my bike across long Island, and gone white water rafting on the day of dam release. I have also traveled to places like Boston were I walked the Freedom Trail, Washington D.C. where we sawall the important monuments, and recently to Philadelphia to see where the Constitution was signed.

I am currently in Commack High School. I am involved in an after school program at Wilson Technology. There, I am learning about graphic design and advertisement, which takes up most of my time after school. Before joining Wilson Tech, I was active in the chess club, art club, and pay it forward club. As well as, volunteering at Cohen's Children's Hospital where I dress up as Spiderman, and pretend I am a super hero for the children with cancer. As far as my accomplishments in school, I am currently in the International Bachelors program in Art, which I find challenging and enjoyable. After graduating high school, r plan on going to a two-year college, and then move over to a University of my choice. It is at this time I hope to get some direction in what I would like to do as far as a career. In my future, I hope to have a family where I can share my experiences obtained through my Involvement with Boy Scouts. I enjoyed my time in Boy Scouts over the past seven years. I felt as if every merit badge was a new lesson in life and a new experience for me. r enjoyed making new friends and getting to know them. Serving my community gave me a sense of fulfillment. Happily, I can also say that being in Boy Scouts has changed me for the better and has made me the person that I am today.