Throne of Games Winter Camporee

The Winter Camporee is a competition between the patrols in the Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Crews in the Matinecock District.  The competition covers scout skills and scout spirit. It was held on January 19th, 2019 at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp.

The 2019 theme was based on medieval times called Throne of Games.  The stations included:

  • Knight’s Challenge – Obstacle Course
  • Take a “Bow” – Archery
  • Storm the Castle – Teamwork
  • En Guarde/On Guard – Jousting
  • Cure your ill humor – First Aid
  • Dragon’s Breath – Fire building
  • Hot Stuff/Lava Pit – Lunch Competition
  • The Great Sled Race

The host troop wore medieval-style capes with “fur” trim.

The winning troop got to sit in the Throne of Games.  This is a chair with tennis rackets, hockey sticks, and other sporting goods attached and sticking out to the sides.

Written by Chris M.

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