Wilderness Survival Campout

On September 20-21, 2014 Boy Scout Troop 125 of Commack, NY went camping at Cedar Point Park in East Hampton. The scouts had to get an early start on Saturday, having to get from their homes in Commack to the campsite by 7:00 AM. Upon arriving at the campsite, the boys had to build their own shelters out of the surrounding foliage to sleep in for the night, although some just wanted to sleep in tents. They also had to make lunch without using stoves or matches. After lunch, everyone went on a hike along the beach to a nearby historic lighthouse. It was a bit run-down, and there wasn’t an actual light tower, but it was still cool to see. For dinner, the same rule applied as for lunch, and afterwards, the traditional campfire was held. One scout played guitar and sang, and did a really good job. The next morning, the scouts were allowed to use matches and a stove for breakfast, although some still didn’t. Then it was pack-up and clean-up time. The closing flag ceremony was held, and everyone headed home. All the scouts in Troop 125 had a great time on their wilderness survival campout. – Joseph D, Troop Historian

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