9/11 Ceremony

Every year for the anniversary of September 11th the Commack School District hosts a very special remembrance ceremony for the community.

Before the solum ceremony began Troop 125 handed out the printed programs and small battery operated candles to the attendees.

During the memorial ceremony a few scouts in our troop brought up wreaths for some of the families who had lost loved ones on 9/11/01.

At the end of the ceremony we handed out white flowers so people could place them in the reflection pools. We also collected the candles so that they could be reused for next next.

Written by Chris M.

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CUMC Church Cleanup Day

On Saturday September 7 Troop 125 helped their sponsor Commack United Methodist Church to clean up their land and to pay it forward and so everything will look good for the fall season.

We trimmed the bushes and made them look better. We also got the grass and weeds out of the parking lot.

Written by Chris M.

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Cardboard Boat Race

The Goat and Baby Shark patrols built their own water resistant boats out of cardboard, duct tape, and paint. They raced in the 11th annual Riverhead Cardboard Boat Race on the Peconic Riverfront on August 10th, a first time event for The Troop.

At the end of the event, they got to watch their creations get smashed and hauled away by bulldozers!

Written by Chris M.

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Suffolk County 100th Anniversary Camporee

On the 3rd to 5th of May 2019 Suffolk County NY celebrated their 100th year of scouting. That weekend all the troops and packs in Suffolk County went to Southaven County Park to camp out. The first night we went on a bus and went to one of the must fun carnival I have ever been to.

The second day of camping there were many fun games set up like frisbee, bow and arrow, monkey bridge, pioneering, orienteering, bike trails and more. There were water activities like canoes and kayaks. Then in the afternoon we went to go watch some live acts like a magic show and a music band.

Finally to finish of the 100th Anniversary Camporee there was an amazing light show with music at night that lasted for about 20 minutes and then there was a Scouts Got Talent show. It was a really fun weekend, despite the rainy weather.

Written by Chris M.

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New Scout Campout

On April 6th & 7th 2019 Troop 125 went to Blydenburgh County Park for the New Scout Campout. In total 42 scouts attended including 17 brand new scouts who crossed over to Troop 125 this year. It’s important for new scouts to attended this spring campout with the troop so they get to know the scouts and leaders and basic camping foundations. They also learn the skills to earn their Totin’ Chip.

This campout is very important for rank advancement. New scouts at the campout do activities taught by the older scouts to help them advance to the Scout rank, and the older scouts can complete the requirements for teaching using the EDGE method. When the scouts weren’t getting requirements signed off, we were playing many fun games like capture the flag.

With all this interaction older and newer scouts were able to make good connections with each other. After all the learning was done and the sun was starting to set, we started skits by the campfire that everyone enjoyed.

Written by Chris M.

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Philadelphia Trip

On March 22, 2019 Troop 125 went to Philadelphia, one of America’s very historical cities. When we first got to Philadelphia, we went to the US Mint where we learned how coins are made. Next, we went to the Franklin Institute one of the top science museums in the country.

On Saturday we first went to Independence Hall, this is where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the US Constitution was made. After that we went to The Liberty Bell which was very cool to see. Next, we went to The National Constitutional Center which had three great activities. Also, we went to the Independence National Historic Park where many historical meetings and events went down. Lastly, we went to the Ben Franklin Museum where we explored Ben Franklin’s life and legacy.

The last day in Philadelphia we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary which was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. Finally, the last place we went to was the Rocky Steps which was a great site to see to end off this memorable trip.

Written by Chris M.

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Scouting for Food

On March 3, 23 scouts from Troop 125 went to ShopRite in Commack to collect food for the Commack United Methodist Church pantry. We do this every year to help our community and to give back to the church, who have been sponsoring us for 50 years now.

The scouts that participated at the food drive said that they fun helping the community and meeting new people. In the hours we were at ShopRite we got 835 pounds of food collected and $543 in monetary donations for the church, that they will use to buy more supplies for their monthly peanut butter and jelly gang outreach program.

Written by Chris M.

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2019 Ski Trip

On Friday February 16, 2019, Troop 125 ventured into one of my favorite trips that I have ever been on. After the 3 hour drive up to Camp Minsi in Pennsylvania, we got set up and then went to bed. In the morning we ate breakfast and headed out to the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

This mountain was a very good beginner mountain for all the first- and second-time skiers and snow boarders. Before and after lunch some scouts had lessons on skiing or snowboarding, which was very helpful to some of the newer scouts, including myself, to help them out. A couple of the scouts worked on the requirements for the Snow Sports merit badge with the more experienced skiing and snowboarding scouts. The scouts ate lunch and had a great dinner at the restaurant in the lodge.

After that, we went night skiing which was very fun with all the lights on and not as many people on the slopes. Next, we drove back to the camp site and fell asleep. Finally, we woke up the next day and we ate breakfast and headed home. Even though everyone’s everything hurt after Skiing and snowboarding, it was an overall great trip.

Written by Chris M.

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Throne of Games Winter Camporee

The Winter Camporee is a competition between the patrols in the Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Crews in the Matinecock District.  The competition covers scout skills and scout spirit. It was held on January 19th, 2019 at Baiting Hollow Scout Camp.

The 2019 theme was based on medieval times called Throne of Games.  The stations included:

  • Knight’s Challenge – Obstacle Course
  • Take a “Bow” – Archery
  • Storm the Castle – Teamwork
  • En Guarde/On Guard – Jousting
  • Cure your ill humor – First Aid
  • Dragon’s Breath – Fire building
  • Hot Stuff/Lava Pit – Lunch Competition
  • The Great Sled Race

The host troop wore medieval-style capes with “fur” trim.

The winning troop got to sit in the Throne of Games.  This is a chair with tennis rackets, hockey sticks, and other sporting goods attached and sticking out to the sides.

Written by Chris M.

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Wilderness Survival Campout

On September 20-21, 2014 Boy Scout Troop 125 of Commack, NY went camping at Cedar Point Park in East Hampton. The scouts had to get an early start on Saturday, having to get from their homes in Commack to the campsite by 7:00 AM. Upon arriving at the campsite, the boys had to build their own shelters out of the surrounding foliage to sleep in for the night, although some just wanted to sleep in tents. They also had to make lunch without using stoves or matches. After lunch, everyone went on a hike along the beach to a nearby historic lighthouse. It was a bit run-down, and there wasn’t an actual light tower, but it was still cool to see. For dinner, the same rule applied as for lunch, and afterwards, the traditional campfire was held. One scout played guitar and sang, and did a really good job. The next morning, the scouts were allowed to use matches and a stove for breakfast, although some still didn’t. Then it was pack-up and clean-up time. The closing flag ceremony was held, and everyone headed home. All the scouts in Troop 125 had a great time on their wilderness survival campout. – Joseph D, Troop Historian

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