Contact Info

Scout Leaders
ScoutmasterMr. Van Loon(631) 858-0668
Ass't Scoutmaster Mr. Bromberg(631) 543-0555
Mr. Condell(631) 462-2221
Mr. Ferrigno
Mr. Hantzschel(631) 422-3774
Mr. Isaac(631) 543-1260
Mr. Jiritano (631) 269-5982
The Committee
Committee ChairsMichael Chacon(631) 499-7686
Advancement ChairAllen Bode(631) 368-0290
Charter Organization Rep.Andrew Lauri
Committee Secretary
Fund Raising
Health and Safety CoordinatorMark Van Loon(631) 858-0668
HospitalityRobyn Chacon
MembershipDoreen Hantzschel(631) 422-3774
Outdoor ActivitiesAlan Isaac(631) 543-1260
Public Relations
Religious Awards CoordinatorNancy Mastroianni
TreasurerFrank Mastroianni
Webmaster / Training Stuart Weinberg(631) 368-8316
50th Anniversary ChairKathy Gazerro
All OthersSee Members Only Website
Eagle Scout Advisors
Mr. Carollo(631) 543-0784
Mr. Condell(631) 462-2221
Andrew Lauri
Mr. Van Loon(631) 858-0668
Unit Commissioner Dan Digiovanni

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