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Camp Cup

Are you impatiently awaiting the day you leave for the national jamboree or your council's summer camp? Why not make a souvenir drinking cup to take with you? When you return home, you'll have a trophy to remind you of a memorable summer.

A clean tin can 3YB-inch in diameter and 3YB-inch high and a lightweight wire clothes hanger are all the materials you need. Use the wire to make a removable handle that clips on the top rim and snaps on the bottom.

To make the handle, follow these directions:

  1. With pliers, cut off the straight length of wire at the bottom of the hanger.
  2. Centering the wire in the jaws of the pliers, bend down each side at a right angle.
  3. Now, grasping the center portion with pliers, about YB inch from the first bend, bend down each leg separately, again at a right angle.
  4. Using the combination pliers, continue bending each side until a U is formed to hook over the top rim of the can.
  5. Now, holding the wire just below the U bend, and start¬ing with another right-angle bend, carefully shape the wire into a smooth curve to form the handle. Test it on the can to determine where the bottom bend should be and make a sharp bend upward at that point. Do each leg separately, being careful to bend both legs to match.
  6. You can leave the natural finish of bright tin or lacquer the can outside, using spray paint. Clean the metal before painting by immersing the can in a solution of vinegar and water, then rinse in clean water. Allow to dry before painting.