Eagle Scout #82


Sean Johnson-Sally

A Message from the Scout

As I look back on over 10 years of scouting, I have realized that scouting is truly a one of a kind and rare experience. Thanks to scouting, I have been to places, accomplished things and experienced things that most people my age have never done. Thanks to scouting, I have hiked and climbed in Harriman State Park, gone whitewater rafting on the Pennsylvania River, biked 150 miles from Riverhead to Montauk, gone snorkeling and sailing in the incredible Florida Keys and so much more. Scouting has provided me with skills, attributes and experiences that not only have made me the person I am today, but have also given me the knowledge and insight to be well prepared for the future.

During one of our routine scout meetings, I was asked to talk to several cub scouts about why they should continue scouting from cub scouts into boy scouts; it was then when I tried describing my experience as a scout that I realized that you cannot put the scouting experience into words. You have to be a part of it to understand it. You can't explain what it's like to be a boy scout. To see, do and accomplish things that otherwise, you never would. It was during this scout meeting that I realized how much of an incredible experience scouting is. It is one of few things that can get you to be the best of yourself and get you to challenge yourself in ways that normally, you never would. If I had any advice to give to my fellow scouts, it would be this. Although the road may be bumpy, and there are times when you ask yourself "why am I doing this?" My advice would be that you have to be diligent. Never give up. At the end, and when you're looking back on it, you'll realize why you put yourself through it. To be a scout, is to have the experience of a lifetime.

Eagle Project Description

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stonybrook., NY

Build a retaining rock wall made of Lavender stone around a garden at my church, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stonybrook. I also relocated a kiosk from inside the garden to a different location.

Project Photos

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