August 23, 2020: Surfing

The troop went for the first time for surfing lessons in Long Beach. Two people were paired with one instructor to teach them surfing. Everyone thought it was really fun.

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July 28, 2020: Kayak at Nissequogue River

This was a two-hour kayak trip down the river. It was hard work but in the end, everyone had a great time. We saw some ducks and ducklings.

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May 23, 2020: Memorial Day Flag Placement

Half of our troop did flag placement at St. Patrick’s Cemetery and the other half of our troop went to Huntington Rural Cemetery. It was really fun and it was the one of the first times we had seen each other in person since the quarantine began. Things that were different from the past were: we wore masks, had to stay 6 feet apart from each other, we didn’t have as many Scouts there as we usually do because of social distancing and the Troop split up going to 2 different cemeteries instead of everyone going to both cemeteries together. Normally we eat breakfast with the Veterans and after flag placement we eat lunch with the Veterans but this year we didn’t get to see the Veterans.

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Holiday in the Woods

On November 23rd Boy Scout Troop 125 of Commack went to West Hills County Park for the annual Thanksgiving celebration with their troop family. During the day Troop 125 Scouts taught visiting Webelos from Packs 403, 329 and 406 scout skills like lashings, orienteering, first aid and team building activities.

Monkey Bridge

Then the scouts and the Webelos went on a nature hike with a fun obstacle course in the middle.

Going on a nature hike

The parents relaxed and socialized by the big fire pit.

Parents relaxing by the fire pit

In the late afternoon the scout patrols made deserts like dump cakes and cookies in dutch ovens. Some of the parents cooked turkey and ham in metal garbage cans and baked potatoes on a charcoal grill.

Trash Can Turkeys

A few scout patrols made the side dishes such as corn, stuffing and gravy.

Patrol cooking stuffing, corn, and gravy

At 5pm everyone was invited into the S-shelter building and had a great Thanksgiving dinner along with the desserts the scouts made.

Dinner is served!
Troop 125 Holiday in the Woods Thanksgiving dinner and dessert
Troop 125 Holiday in the Woods dinner

After dinner and dessert the scouts took out the dining tables and rearranged the chairs for the audience to watch the skits that the scouts performed. The scouts also broke down and packed up the outdoor car ports before it rained for the rest of the night. Finally, the day ended with the scouts watching a movie and sleeping over inside the shelter.

Written by Chris M.

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Thanksgiving Baskets

All the Troop 125 scouts worked with their patrols to choose different items to contribute to the Thanksgiving baskets that we donated to community outreach program at our sponsor, the Commack United Methodist Church.

Each basket included stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, gravy, corn, fried onions, corn muffins, brownies, napkins, and a gift card to purchase a turkey, which was donated by Troop 125. All the items fit inside an aluminum tray, which was to be used to cook the turkey at Thanksgiving.

Written by Chris M.

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North-South Lake Backpacking

On November 2nd Troop 125 went to backpacking in North-South lake in the Catskills, NY. This campout was a great opportunity for the newer scouts to experience the outdoors.

We went on a 4.5 mile hike with day packs for most of the day and then went back to the camp and had pros and cons.

Written by Chris M.

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George Washington Bridge Hike

On October 12th Troop 125 went to the Palisades by the GW Bridge. We crossed the George Washington Bridge on foot then we took a 2.4 mile hike.

Then we went to Fort Lee Historic Park and ate lunch. Finally we did the Peanut Leap Cascade Trail and the Women’s Federation Monument.

Written by Chris M.

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50th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, September 15 2019 Boy Scout Troop 125 of Commack, NY celebrated its 5oth year as a Troop at Constantino Brumidi Lodge in Deer Park.

As we always start every scout meeting, we did the flag ceremony and Scout Oath.

Then we welcomed all the past alumni and family that came to celebrate with us.

We gave thanks to our sponsor organization, the Commack United Methodist Church and Pastor Roslyn Lee said the Invocation.

Town of Huntington Councilmember Susan Berland delivered the Proclamation to Troop 125.

Then we had dinner, there was food like penne alla vodka and chicken parmigiana.

Scouts handed out raffle baskets to the lucky winners.

We also had all past and present Eagle Scouts assemble in the front of the room like a Court of Honor.

Then there was dessert including an American flag made from cupcakes and a make your own ice cream sundae station.

We wanted to thank former Scoutmaster Fred Troll and his wife Lucille who donated coffee mugs as parting gifts so that every family could have a piece of Troop 125 and scouting history.

We also wanted to recognize Phyllis Stein for being the longest time someone has been active in the troop- over 20 years!

After that we did things like dance to the DJ music, played musical chairs and had a conga line.

There was a slide show playing in the background of pictures from events over the past 50 years. Finally, we ended off the evening with the Scoutmaster Minute, closing flags, closing prayer by the Chaplain Aide, and circle up with Scout Law and Vespers.

A memorable and enjoyable evening was had by all to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Troop 125 .

Written by Chris M.

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9/11 Ceremony

Every year for the anniversary of September 11th the Commack School District hosts a very special remembrance ceremony for the community.

Before the solum ceremony began Troop 125 handed out the printed programs and small battery operated candles to the attendees.

During the memorial ceremony a few scouts in our troop brought up wreaths for some of the families who had lost loved ones on 9/11/01.

At the end of the ceremony we handed out white flowers so people could place them in the reflection pools. We also collected the candles so that they could be reused for next year.

Written by Chris M.

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CUMC Church Cleanup Day

On Saturday September 7 Troop 125 helped their sponsor Commack United Methodist Church to clean up their land and to pay it forward and so everything will look good for the fall season.

We trimmed the bushes and made them look better. We also got the grass and weeds out of the parking lot.

Written by Chris M.

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