Just Hiking in the Rain

Matthew R.

March 4 to 5, 2012

What do you like to do on a rainy weekend? Read? Shop? Clean? Well, if you are a Boy Scout, you have some options. You can go for a hike in the New Jersey woods!

My Boy Scout Troop 125 recently went for a hike in the Palisades along the Hudson River. When we arrived at the campsite, I did not know what to expect. I was already tired because a scout has to bring a lot of gear with him on any of his outings. I didn’t know it then, but I forgot to pack something very important. After taking the necessary supplies, we set out for the thirteen mile trek.

The weather was terrible, it was foggy and rainy. We walked on for a long time it seemed but I was told we only went one mile. Oh why did I go? The trail has a lot of hills and it goes up and down a lot so you need some strong legs to tackle this path. After a few hours, we stopped for a lunch break. I had packed this myself and it never looked better! I did have more energy after my meal and felt more upbeat to continue the trail. We began to notice some really neat sights. There are some beautiful cliffs that you walk along and we saw a bald eagle fly by! There are some old colonial type buildings to see and all kinds of birds. Once the rain let up, I had a chance to really see how beautiful the wooded areas were. By the time the next break came, I was so busy looking around I did not realize I had hiked six more miles.

The trail ends at the George Washington Bridge. As we approached the bridge, we started to see the familiar sights and sounds of the highway and the city. I was secretly relieved because that meant were near the end. I was also a bit sad because while on the hike, I did not feel like I was so close to the Bronx or New York City. It felt good to be lost a little. We walked to the gate at the end of the trail that is literally right under the bridge. It was there that we were able to get a ride back to camp from some of our Troop leaders. I was hiking about six hours.

Although I had more fun than I thought on that dreary morning, I do wish I had remembered to pack an extra pair of socks! It is very important to check your feet during a long hike to prevent blisters. A change of clean and dry socks at about noon would have been great! I still had a good time and I am so grateful that Boy Scouts gives me and my friends a chance to do interesting things. Try a hike in the rain, you might love it too!


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