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B.S.A. News

All B.S.A programs are being updated starting 2014. See here for more details.

Signs Signals and Codes is now available, see here for requirements.

Swimming Merit Badge requirements have changed see here for new requirements

Cooking is now Eagle required and had new requirements

Sustainability Merit Badge released. See here The badge joins the Eagle-required list as an option to Environmental Science merit badge. Scouts must earn either Sustainability or Environmental Science on their journey to Eagle.

Cinematography is now Moviemaking with new requirements.see here for new requirements

Game Design Merit Badge is now outrequirements

Digital Technology will replace Computers merit badge, but Scouts may earn and wear both merit badges. More details about the phase-out of Computers MB here

New Programming merit badge released. See here for requirements.

Cycling merit badge now includes a mountain biking option. That means Scouts can choose between road cycling or mountain biking when earning the Eagle-required badge.

See here for calendar of other future badges and changes to existing ones